WhatsApp for iPad Is Finally arrieved. What are The Best New Features.

I still recall the time when I first tried to set up and use WhatsApp on an iPad. (WhatsApp for iPad) We knew it was probably unrealistic to hope for the official WhatsApp app for the iPad to be released any time soon as we awaited its release. We were proven to be correct, and I waited year after year for an official WhatsApp app so I could stop using my iPad only for Netflix. The beta testing of WhatsApp’s iPad app on TestFlight indicates that time is rapidly approaching. Yes, it is no longer just a fantasy. When I first heard it, I was so excited that I immediately installed it. Here are my initial thoughts on the WhatsApp for iPad app after using it for a few erratic hours.

Installing WhatsApp on an iPad: Linked Devices

After downloading WhatsApp on the iPad, the first thing I observed is that a user’s phone number is not required to log in. Instead, the messenger makes advantage of its indispensable “Linked Devices” function, which the business first began to roll out in 2022. As anticipated, logging in automatically after scanning a QR code completed the onboarding process.

WhatsApp for iPad
WhatsApp for iPad

The experience turned out to be really smooth because I didn’t have to worry about transferring my chats or media (or losing them during the transfer procedure). It’s important to keep in mind that more login choices can become available in the future since WhatsApp for iPad is currently in development. I do, however, hope that when it does roll out, signing in will continue to be this straightforward. When I was finished, I just started using WhatsApp.

Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken Regarding UI and Appearance

In this case, WhatsApp adheres to the fundamentals. The WhatsApp for iPad app makes use of the enormous screen size of the tablet. The software offers a dual-pane layout with open chats on the right and a discussion view on the left. The design evokes the days when WhatsApp was accessed through a browser, but it naturally does away with the top and bottom bars and makes use of the entire screen.

The app’s overall layout appears to be well-planned. Unlike the web version, the bottom bar has a simple menu that takes you to Calls, Chats, or Settings. Even though the iPad software has launched on Android and iOS, it oddly lacks a Status or WhatsApp Channels menu. I’m attributing it to the app’s testing phase, but I really hope it’s in the finished version.

A similar layout is also present on the settings page. The display does feel a little sparse because the settings are so basic. But I’m sure the extra space will be utilised as new features are released.

WhatsApp for iPad
WhatsApp for iPad

But those who are sick of clutter may appreciate WhatsApp for iPad’s stylish look. The design of the app will be well-liked by everyone thanks to its flush yet sizable menu, rounded elements, and general air of cleanliness.

Finally, iPad multitasking is possible

The inability of WhatsApp Web to adapt to the multiple view modes on the iPad used to be an issue that used to irritate me. The chat view used to fundamentally malfunction, making it impossible to pair with another app. This is fixed by the official WhatsApp for iPad app, as the screen now automatically adjusts to your view.

WhatsApp for iPad cleverly opts for a single-pane interface rather than slicing it in half. You can still access a chat by clicking on it, but your previous view will be lost. In addition, moving files from one programme to another without losing functionality is simple. This is unquestionably a significant feature that will make multitasking for power users much simpler. Think about how much easier it would be for our parents to share photos and videos from their gallery on WhatsApp! adore it

iPad performance and usage of WhatsApp

Even though I’ve only had the official WhatsApp iPad app for a short while, it’s a welcome adjustment. On the iPad, chats now open up on demand for the first time. This is especially crucial for consumers who depend on the web version, which occasionally crashes or takes forever to load. Throughout my time using the app, I had little to no trouble starting conversations and navigating around chats. Additionally, messages can be edited, deleted, and made invisible using standard chat tools. You may easily create groups or start new chats as well.

When using the normal WhatsApp attachment menu rather than a condensed one, attaching images and files is also made simpler. Even though the app’s menu buttons don’t change, the procedure is now easier and quicker. The menu fills the entire screen, so you have complete control over it. You may even add stickers at any time. However, I was disappointed to learn that the HD image option was lacking.

WhatsApp for iPad
WhatsApp for iPad

But one of the most important prerequisites for an iPad app is that it function in landscape mode. It is reasonable to assume that WhatsApp for iPad functions perfectly there. With no elements lost, the programme easily changes to the opposite orientation. Everything is presented correctly, including chats and settings. You may multitask here just like you could in portrait mode. It’s a comfort that WhatsApp worked on this after going through all of that.

The iPad makes calling as quick as sending messages. You can place a call by simply tapping the voice/video call option. The settings menu is neatly positioned at the bottom of the screen, with the call UI utilising the entire space as before. You can always add more people to a video call on WhatsApp for iPad to turn it into a group conversation. Therefore, you may now use video calling to communicate with people who are far away when you are having a movie night.

The official app behaves as a standalone phone and may thus be used as such because it leverages the Linked Devices functionality. In the unlikely event that someone is without their primary device, they can still rely on the iPad. It is all the more advantageous that the pad operates at the same pace.

I adored how much faster and more productive I felt overall after using the official iPad app. The WhatsApp iPad app is a fantastic addition to your workflow because other App Store alternatives can’t match this level of speed since they essentially imitate the web version in a wrapper.

iPad version of WhatsApp: The Missing Pieces

Although WhatsApp for iPad now offers a largely comprehensive experience, it lacks some capabilities to which I’ve gotten accustomed. You cannot send instant video communications, which was just implemented. Although you can get them, the app does not. Additionally, as was already said, you cannot email HD photographs, which would impede communication.

The majority of settings that you would find on your primary device are similarly absent in this mode for linked devices. I also discovered that my phone’s stickers weren’t transferred to the iPad. Strangely, they were present on the web version of WhatsApp.

We can now detect a pattern starting to take shape. The iPad app does not have any of the newest WhatsApp features. The app is currently in TestFlight, as was already mentioned. This indicates that several modifications will be made before the stable launch. In other words, the experience here is good even with all the missing features.

Please give me WhatsApp for iPad now!

Even though WhatsApp for the iPad has been in the works for a while, the slow pace of Testflight’s deployment made me eager to use it. It is now acceptable to claim that I am pleased with the available initial experience. The messenger uses a tried-and-true design rather than making any significant changes. This not only makes the user more comfortable but also guarantees that work won’t cease. Even though it now lacks some functions, I am still optimistic that it will be included in the future.

However, the official port is thrilling due to the effective use of the screen, multitasking, and overall swiftness of it all. I am aware of many people who held off on purchasing a tablet because there was no official WhatsApp app for the iPad. Millions of people around the world will soon have that issue resolved.

When the WhatsApp for iPad app will be available to everyone is still unknown. However, given that beta testing has already started, it should take a few more months until it is released and available for everyone to download on their iPad.

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