MIUI 15 release date, device update list, features

The following significant edition of Xiaomi’s operating system, MIUI 15, based on Android 14 (with support for Android 13), is scheduled for late 2023. It will provide Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO phones new features and capabilities.Although Xiaomi is already testing beta versions of the new shell for a number of smartphone and tablet devices, the release date will be announced later this year. The new Redmi K60 Ultra is the first to receive it.

MIUI 15 release date

MIUI 15 release date

The date of the official MIUI 15 release has not been disclosed. At Xiaomi’s presentation in 2023, it will be revealed. However, it is already a certain that the upgraded operating system will be made available in December 2023. It will be unveiled alongside the new Xiaomi 14 range, which will function “out of the box” with a new shell (like the Redmi Note 13).

Xiaomi maintains a yearly MIUI update schedule. However, with MIUI 12.5, Xiaomi developers have modified their strategy to testing and distributing shell updates. Previously, they would release slowly in the spring, summer, or fall.

MIUI 15 release date

Dates of MIUI version releases:

MIUI 6 – 29th of August 2014
MIUI 7 – 13th of August, 2015
MIUI 8 – 16th of June, 2016
MIUI 9 – 10th of August 2017
MIUI 10 – 19th of June
MIUI 11 – 22nd October 2019
MIUI 12 – 27th of April 2020
MIUI 12.5 – 8th of February 2021
MIUI 12.5 Edition Enhanced— 13th of August 2021
MIUI 13 – 28th of December 2021
MIUI 14 – 11th of December 2022
MIUI 15 — December 2023

We may predict that the new OS version will be unveiled in the latter half of 2023 based on the release dates of MIUI 13 and 14. We are anticipating Xiaomi’s formal announcement.As per customary, the Chinese OS version will be displayed during the initial presentation in December, and the upgrade will subsequently be applied to all models. The first devices to receive an upgrade will be flagships, then midrange smartphones. Budget phones are last in line.

Testing is currently being done on the future shell. If all goes as planned, MIUI 15 beta might be made accessible as soon as September or October 2023.

MIUI 15 Possibly Get This Devices

Some flagship models, like the Xiaomi 12T smartphones, Xiaomi 13 Pro, and the Xiaomi Pad 6 tablet, are already undergoing early beta tests of MIUI 15. The test is being conducted with both the Chinese and international versions of MIUI 15.

Remember that Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO update every two to three years to understand which phones will receive the MIUI 15 upgrade. All gadgets sold in 2023 will be able to run the operating system. Many models that have software based on Android 13 will also get the upgrade.

The Android version on which Xiaomi’s operating system is based determines how frequently it is updated. It is Android 14 in this instance. Because of the Android platform, developers don’t have to modify older smartphones to run with MIUI 15.

The Xiaomi EOS List, which shows devices with support for Android 14, is a resource available on the official Xiaomi website that provides information on device support in advance. Android 14 is not supported by MIUI 14. As a result, MIUI 15 will be available for all handsets running this Android version.

Which Xiaomi phones will get MIUI 15

  • Mi 13, 13, Ultra, 13, and 13 Lite
  • Xiaomi 12, 12 Lite, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Dimensity Edition, 12X, 12S Ultra, and 12S, 12S, and 12S Pro
  • Mi 12T and 12T Pro
  • Mi 11T and 11T Pro
  • 11 Lite 5G and NE from Xiaomi
  • Mi 11 LE, Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, and Mi 11 Pro from Xiaomi
  • MIX 4, MIX FOLD, MIX FOLD 2, and MIX FOLD 3 from Xiaomi
  • Xiaomi Civi 2 and Civi 1S
  • 12.4-inch Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro
  • Xiaomi’s Pad 6 and 6 Pro.

Which Redmi phones will get MIUI 15

  • Redmi Note 11R, 11T, and 11T Pro
  • Redmi Note 12 Speed, 12 Turbo Edition, 12 4G, 12 5G, 12S, 12 Pro 5G, 12 Pro Plus 5G, and 12 Discovery Edition
  • Redmi K50, K50 Pro, K50 Gaming, K50i, K50 Ultra, Redmi K40S, Redmi K60, K60E,i K60 Pro
  • 11 Prime 5G and Redmi 11 Prime
  • Redmi 10 5G, Redmi 12C, and Redmi Pad

Which POCO phones will receive MIUI 15

  • M4 Pro and M4 5G from POCO
  • POCOM5, POCOM5s, etc.
  • POCO X5 5G, X5 Pro 5G, and X4 GT
  • F5 Pro 5G from POCO
  • POCO F4

New features: MIUI 15

Information about the new features in MIUI 15 is becoming available. For instance, at the I/O 2023 conference, some elements of Android 14, the platform on which the next OS is being developed, were unveiled. Additionally, MIUI beta code is being checked for enhancements and functionality that won’t likely be included in MIUI 14 upgrades.

For instance, the functionality of the clipboard will be improved in MIUI 15. Users will be able to copy images with files in addition to text. This function is already available on Samsung and Google Pixel smartphones. Finally, it will be seen on phones made by Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO.

A function that allows you to swiftly boost sound level by 200% will also be added to the upcoming OS version. Probably a notice bar icon will be used to do this.

MIUI 15 might support pictures in Ultra HDR. Photos will have higher brightness, contrast, and color gamut as a result, giving them a more genuine appearance. On smartphones with Android 14 support, images can be saved and viewed later with 10-bit HDR.

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