How to See Old Notifications on iPhone in 2023

While cleared notifications cannot be viewed on an iPhone, there is a way to catch up on any missed notifications. You’re in luck if you recently navigated away and can’t find a certain notification. We’ll discuss How to See Old Notifications on iPhone in 2023 and what to do if you accidentally cleared a notification that you later wish to see again.

How to View Notification History on iPhone

You won’t be able to see a notification again if you truly clear it by hitting the X in your notification list or swiping left on a notification and selecting Clear. However, there is a method—which we’ll cover in a moment—by which you may determine which app was attempting to grab your attention.

However, unlocking your Lock Screen or swiping away from a notice that appeared at the top of your screen can cause you to miss a notification that you want to receive. When this happens, you can still use your iPhone to retrieve your Notification Center history.

How to See Old Notifications on iPhone

On iPhone, you can still see the alerts that you haven’t dismissed even if you won’t be able to view those that you’ve cleared. We’ll examine how to view previous alerts on your iPhone now:

How to See Old Notifications on iPhone
How to See Old Notifications on iPhone
How to See Old Notifications on iPhone
How to See Old Notifications on iPhone
  1. On your Lock Screen, swipe up to reveal the Notification Center.
  2. (Don’t swipe up from the absolute bottom of your Lock Screen, since this opens your Home Screen).
  3. To view all of your previous alerts, scroll.

This is how you can view previous iPhone alerts. You can view all of your previously received alerts that have not yet been deleted in this list. If you’re looking for a notification that is older than seven days, you won’t find it here because the notification history on iPhone only lasts for one week.

How to See Cleared Notifications on iPhone

Do you want to know how to view old iPhone notifications? As previously stated, alerts that you have truly deleted rather than simply swiping away will not be preserved to your notification history. You can see which apps have unread alerts, though, if you enable notification badges. The icon on your Home screen will display a small red number in the upper left corner, telling you how many unread alerts you have received since starting that application. Notification badges will therefore at least inform you whether you have unread notifications in a particular app, even though you cannot view cleared notifications on iPhone.

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In today’s digital age, staying organized and current is crucial, and efficiently managing notifications is key. In this guide we will teach you How to See Old Notifications on iPhone. Keep in mind that the Notification Center is where you can find all of your most recent alerts, messages, and updates. Utilize the customization tools to create a notification experience that suits your interests. You won’t ever miss a beat again if you follow these simple, quick steps.


Where are the notification files kept?

Your Notification Center, which you can access by swiping up on your Lock Screen to check your notification history, is where your iPhone notifications are kept.

How long do alerts remain in the notification center?

Unopened notifications are stored on your iPhone for a week. You cannot view notifications in your Notification Center if you have cleared or read them.

How can I view notifications that I’ve already opened or clicked on?

There is no way to access or read a notification after you’ve opened it, and it will be deleted from your iPhone Notification Center.

On my iPhone, can I access deleted notifications?

No, there is no way to view a notification after you have cleared it from your iPhone Notification Center.

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