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Identity theft, hacking, viruses, privacy issues and malware are just some of the rising concerns of the computer safety world. So, why should we protect our computers? By protecting your computer and all of its digital contents, you are essentially protecting your clients, your business and professional endeavors, your money, social life, family and ultimately – one’s privacy.

Computer security software magically seem to appear on peoples PC’s without even having downloaded them, many programs aromatically scan your computer, with frightening results, which are conveniently remedied by upgrading ones membership or program (for a small fee of course) and with so many viruses masquerading as computer safety programs, how can we possibly chose the right program? Here is a list of some reputable computer security software to suit your budget and your personal needs.

Norton Internet Security

computer security software by Norton

One of the most well-known Internet security programs available which is commonly already installed on computers. If you are particularly concerned about malware detection, prevention and elimination, then Norton Internet Security will suit your needs. This program also contains a personal firewall, phishing protection, and spam filtering for your email. The product is available in a digital download, as well as a physical ‘boxed’ product and can be purchased from most computer and electronic stores and departments.

Kaspersky Internet Security

computer security software by Kaspersky

Perhaps less known than Norton, Kaspersky is aimed at being the most comprehensive Internet security program available to the general public, thus is a little more privacy than some of its competitors – thought still affordable. It includes parental controls, Facebook tools, safe surfing, firewall and a comprehensive identity theft protection.

This is one of the protection devices that are suited for all ages, due to its protection on social media websites as well as protecting applications for parents wishing to censor their children’s surfing experience.

Bitdefender Internet Security

computer security software by Bitdefender

This computer security program has advanced technology and covers digital security and protection needs for everything from client and cloud privacy to optimal privacy and protection for the family. Named 2013’s “Best Antivirus” by PC MAG, Bitdefender is an all-round Internet and computer security software and is user-friendly.

G Data Internet Security

computer security software by G Data

G Data Internet Security offers programs that cater to both the private and professional markets. The programs scanning tools, effectively and efficiently detect, remove and prevent malware, without any of the shock tactics of many other sub-standard programs that will often alert you to malware and virus that do not exist, in order to purchase their product.

There are many different products, with varying prices under the G Date band, thus you should choose one that best suits either your private, or professional needs.

With the viral war being waged on the internet, you should undoubtedly protect your computer. Whether you use an up-market program, or download one free, you should invest in a product that suits your needs.

There are many products that come at a reasonable price, and many computers come with advanced computer and internet security systems already installed. So when buying a computer, also consider the quality of the pre-existing security.

If any security program suddenly appears on your computer, and you cannot recall downloading or installing it, then run an internet search on that particular program, as most likely you are the victim of a malware attack.


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