Keyboard shortcuts for windows 8 Download

Microsoft window 8 is a most recent operating system for both personal computers and tablets.

Touch screen users can easily carry a lot of benefits of navigation like to use Charms Menu, Quick access with Metro UI, Using swipes.Windows 8 has also ensure their pc users would not be ignored for getting preferences.

For computer users, Microsoft has included new keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 to make it possible for them to navigate operating system quicker and simpler.

These shortcuts keys will help to make your Windows 8 experience much more enjoyable, Try to remember these keyboard shortcuts for windows 8.

You can also download this list in PDF format at the bottom.

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8

Windows Key Open the start screen or switch to the Desktop (If desktop is open)
Windows Key + C Open/Close Charms Menu
Windows Key + D Show/Hide Desktop
Windows Key + E Open Windows Explorer
Windows Key + F Open Search in Charms Menu
Windows Key + H Open Share in Charms Menu
Windows Key + I Open Settings in Charms Menu
Windows Key + K Open Devices in Charms Menu
Windows Key + L Lock your computer and show lock screen
Windows Key + M Minimize all Windows
Windows Key + P Choose secondary display modes
Windows Key + Q Search For Installed Apps
Windows Key + R Open Run Dialog box
Windows Key + T Undergo icons on taskbar and press Enter to start application
Windows Key + U Open Ease of Access Center
Windows Key + V Undergo notifications
Windows Key + W Search Settings in Charms menu
Windows Key + X Show Advanced Windows Settings Menu
Windows Key + - Zoom out using Magnifier
Windows Key + , Temporarily view desktop
Windows Key + . Snap a Windows application to sides of the screen.
Windows Key + + Zoom in using Magnifier
Windows Key + 0 to 9 Launch/show app pinned to taskbar at indicated number
Windows Key + Up Arrow Maximize current window
Windows Key + Down Arrow Minimize current window
Windows Key + Left Arrow Maximize current window to left side of the screen
Windows Key + Right Arrow Maximize current window to right side of the screen
Windows Key + Tab Go through opened Modern UI Applications
Windows Key + F1 Open Windows Help and Support
Windows Key + F3 Open Search in Charms menu (On Desktop)
Windows Key + Page Down Moves Start screen and apps to secondary monitor on the right
Windows Key + Page Up Moves Start screen and apps to secondary monitor on the left
Windows Key + Pause Break Display System Properties
Windows Key + Print Screen Takes a Print Screen and saves to my picture folder
Windows Key + Shift + 0 to 9 Open new instance of applications pinned to taskbar
Windows Key + Shift + M Restore all minimized Windows
Windows Key + Shift + Tab Go through open Modern UI Apps in reverse order
Windows Key + Shift + V Go through notifications in reverse order
Windows Key + Shift + Spacebar Switch to previous input language and keyboard layout
Windows Key + Spacebar Switch input language and keyboard layout
Windows Key + Enter Open Narrator
Windows Key + ESC Exit Magnifier
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Windows 8 Task Manager
Alt + Enter Show Properties of selected item in Windows Explorer
Alt + F4 Close Modern UI Applications
Alt + Left Arrow View previous folder in Windows Explorer
Alt + Print Screen Print Screen of current open Window only
Alt + Right Arrow View next folder in Windows Explorer
Alt + Up Arrow View upper level folder of current folder in Windows Explorer
DOWNLOAD  Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

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